Most Peaceful Countries In The World

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Inner piece of mind is really priceless and obviously environment contributes a lot in this fact. Everyone wishes to live a calm smooth life with no hate, no worries and no wars. They wish to spend their worthy time in fulfilling their dreams, having fun with their families and most of all getting satisfaction of heart. Different people struggle for betterment to get the peace not only for themselves but also for others. Peace is difficult to define and difficult to categorize, peace of the country is measured by Global peace index,that includes a lot of the factors. Some categorized the peaceful countries on the basis of absence of violence and no doubt it’s true to a great extent. Now days different nation seem to be in conflict with each other, declaring wars, having confusions and misunderstandings. Despite of this fact that there is war and conflicts among different nations, there are also some peaceful countries in the world where everyone would like to live, as peace is precious. Here is the interesting list of top 10 most peaceful countries in the world that do not believe in conflicts and violence and prefer peace.


The most peaceful country in the world is Iceland with superlative Global peace index. This country fulfills almost all the requirements of Global peace index in order to the most peaceful and to be on number 1.The country is also financial strong and well and people live with comfort and harmony in this country. It has limited army with low expenditures just 1.1%of GDP and most of which is utilized on its forces for NATO peace mission. This small country has very low crime rate and thus a best peaceful place for live.


If some one wants to settle in a peaceful place where you can feel calm and secure then Denmark is an excellent option. It’s the second most peaceful country of the world with reduced military expenditures; the quantity of fighter jets has decreased in order to maintain everything with proper budget. The government has good relations not only inside the border but also outside, there are low crimes, homicide rate and weapon ownership. There is also high grade of freedom for speech and the press for expression.

New Zealand

One of the peaceful countries that is very much peaceful having not only minimal crime rates but also minimum number of arresting culprits. However the rates can be higher then some countries but it is compensated by minimal military funds which is just 1% of the total GDP. These funds are not for the improvement of military strength but for the betterment of civilian support by buying tools and vehicles. People can live easy and safe life here as there are no cultural and racial issues, it respects human rights and there is low homicide rate and minimal violent demonstrations.

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