Most Rainiest Areas In The World

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Mostly people are rain lovers but if someone ask them to tell them the areas where it rains heavily they might answer them in the form of London, Seattle etc but don’t have idea that . There are certain places in the world where raining is very fluent. If you people wish to visit these areas then don’t forget to take your umbrella with you.

Cherrapunji, India

The word “cherrapunji” means ‘land of oranges’. It is one of the most hydrated places in the world having an average annual rainfall of 498 inches. With such a huge quantity of rain these people need a huge number of bridges.It seems to be a problem for these people to build a variety of bridges which is time and energy consuming but the kind nature has blessed them  with ‘Living Bridges’ around the area to save them from this annoyance.

Mawsynram, India

It is the wettest place on Earth, with an annual rainfall of 467.4 inches.This spot has exceptionally high rainy and lengthy monsoonal season.

Waialeale, USA

This Hawaiian area receives 451 inches rainfall every year and the amazing fact about this spot is that it is an American spot and is one of the rainiest areas on the earth.

Debundscha, Cameroon

It is a village in the Southwestern Region of Cameroon,having an astonishing wet climate with405.5 inches of rainfall falling annually. ItS concurrence to the equator, gives Debundscha along rainy season and a short dry season in a year. The only spot in the area deprived of rain is Mount Cameroon.

Quibdo, Colombia

It has intensive wet and cloudy  tropical rainforest climate and receives 353.9 inches average annual rainfall.Many areas in the South Africa are covered by huge trees that they grow,cover the sky and give the area dark appearance. The heaviest rainfall is due to the blockage of western winds and extremely unstable air over the area makes the  region extremely moist.

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